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Does the idea of taking a tropical island vacation excite you? What if, on that very same tropical island, you could get first class medical treatment at a fraction of the cost you would pay at home? If you answered “yes”, then Penang, Malaysia is for you. Penang has been a well-kept secret for medical tourism but, over the last four years the word has spread, and tens of thousands of people from all over Asia have travelled to Malaysia to get specialized cosmetic, medical and dental surgeries from top doctors. In fact, the International Medical Travel Journal awarded Malaysia the number one destination for medical travel in April of 2015.

All of the doctors we work with have trained in South Korea, the United Kingdom or the United States. They speak English fluently and are experts in their selected fields of medicine or dentistry. By having surgery or dentistry here, you can lower your costs without lowering your expectations.

My Secret Fountain of Youth (MSFOY) is a Malaysian Company owned by American’s, based in Penang. Our team is made up of Australians, Americans, and Europeans, that live here; it is not just a place we fly to when you are having a procedure. We live here and are here year round to provide quality service for our clients. Our team’s goal is to make you feel like a VIP. From the moment you arrive, our MSFOY Personal Concierge will be with you to answer all of your questions and help you through the process. We are here to make your medical makeover and stay in Penang a seamless and tranquil experience. Our team, our doctors, surgeons, and dentists, go above and beyond to ensure the care you receive will exceed your expectations, and you will leave here feeling highly satisfied and rejuvenated.

Once you arrive, you will have time to explore the island. Georgetown, the capital, has earned the coveted Unesco World Heritage status with its shophouses, temples, and colonial history. If you are more of a nature buff, you can delve into the fantastic flora and fauna that the botanical and spice gardens have to offer. If a sunny beach and a cold drink are more to your liking, you can relax on one of the many stunning beaches all around the island, after all, this is a vacation as well. For those who require retail shopping therapy, you can shop for days through Gurney Plaza, the newly opened Paragon Mall or even the Batu Ferringhi night market. In 2014, Penang was rated the number one foodie destination in the world by the ‘Lonely Planet’ and the ‘Independent UK’ so you will not go hungry.

My Secret Fountain of Youth was created for consumers looking for an affordable 5-star medical makeover coupled with an exotic Asian holiday. We know first hand that the healthcare here is exceptional and that the island should be featured in National Geographic because of all it has to offer. We want to let you in on our secret fountain of youth.

How It All Began

Mark_KirstenWe were both successful business owners in the United States, residing in Chicago, Illinois until 2013. We were tired of the rat race and needed a drastic change. So we sold it all and moved to Penang, Malaysia to seek out the lifestyle we were after. However, just before moving here, I had terrible pain in my calf. I went to my general practitioner and was sent immediately from her office to the emergency room where they performed an ultrasound on my leg and confirmed that I had a blood clot (DVT). I had several small clots in my left calf, was given some medications, and told I would be fine. Four hours in the emergency room and a little medicine cost me $5,800, and that was after insurance.

Months later, upon arriving in Penang I reinjured the same leg and from that we learned how impressive and advanced the medical treatment is here. When I went to the local hospital, they performed the same tests that I had previously completed in Chicago. I noticed the quality of care in Penang was vastly better; the doctors spoke to me, listened when I spoke, and the nurses were compassionate. I did not feel like a number or that I was being pushed through an assembly line. I was a man that was anxious, in a new home, in a new country, and everyone made me feel at ease. Thankfully there were no clots, and I was given some medication to help with the swelling and told to come back in a few weeks for a follow-up. The whole experience was very impressive to us.

As I walked towards the cashier, my relief turned into anxiety as I contemplated my hospital bill with no insurance coverage. The women took my patient chart and punched it into the computer. I was starting to panic…how much can this cost?  My wife and I were exchanging nervous glances. I was holding my breath when she looked up at me and said, “That will be 583 Ringgit, sir.” After I did the exchange rate in my head and realized that it was only $180 USD, I practically danced. I paid her and hurried out of the hospital fearing that she might notice that she made a mistake, and she would need to adjust our bill.

At that moment, a light bulb went off in my head. If the quality of care here is comparable (or even superior) to private hospitals in Chicago, yet at a fraction of the cost, then why wouldn’t everyone come here for medical treatment? The answer to that question became: My Secret Fountain of Youth.

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