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Benefits of Breast Augmentation in Malaysia


Women opt for breast augmentation surgeries for all sorts of reasons; they feel their body looks disproportionate in their clothing or bathing suits, after having children the shape of their breasts are not what they used to be, or they simply have a desire for larger and fuller breasts. No matter what the reason is, the price for this procedure can easily cost up to $10,500 AUD, £5,300 or $7,500 USD, depending on your location, and combined with a breast lift, can get as high as $16,000 AUD, £10,600 or $15,000 USD.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution to this problem, consider travelling to Penang, Malaysia and having the surgery done there. The quality of service and expertise of the surgeons is the same, and may be even higher than what you get at home, but the cost is significantly lower. In fact, breast augmentation holiday packages have become increasingly popular amongst women all over the world looking for the best surgeons at affordable prices.

My Secret Fountain of Youth is an American owned, Penang-based company that puts together breast augmentation holiday packages. They are completely customizable, but they include the surgery plus ten days for recuperating in a four-star hotel (with breakfast), transportation to and from the airport, hotel and hospital, as well as a compression garment. Besides the affordable price, you will have your very own Personal Concierge, who will treat you like a VIP the whole time you are in Penang. As a part of your package, you will also receive a free half-day sightseeing tour. Most clients that use them save about 30% and that includes the holiday! They don’t just customize breast augmentation packages in Malaysia; they also create tailor-made medical tours for any plastic or dental surgery desires you have.

The surgery, coupled with a holiday to the tropical island of Penang, is still less than the cost of the treatment at home. Why wouldn’t you choose to have your surgery performed on a tropical island where the doctors are internationally trained and fluent in English if the quality of care was the same or better than home, especially if you can save some money? You can recuperate while shopping, laying by the pool, or sightseeing in a historically rich destination and UNESCO heritage site. If you’re a foodie, Penang is perfect for you as it is a well-known world-class foodie destination.

If you want breast augmentation and a holiday but can’t decide which to spend your money on, why choose? With My Secret Fountain of Youth, you can have both and don’t have to sacrifice anything. Upon your return home your friends will be amazed at how great you look, and you will have heaps of great memories and exhilarating experiences to tell them about!

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