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Plastic or Cosmetic Surgery in Southeast Asia

Malaysia for plastic or cosmetic surgery

If you have ever wondered how to get rid of your facial wrinkles and stubborn cellulite without breaking the bank, well, you’re not alone. Many people would choose plastic or cosmetic surgery to do away with their “flaws”, but in most countries, the costs of such procedures are prohibitively expensive. If you are among those that find the cost of cosmetic surgery prevents you from getting the perfect look you have always dreamed of, Southeast Asia should be your destination of choice!

A recent survey determined that up to 40% of those interviewed were willing to have surgery at a “very good hospital” outside their home country as long as the operating surgeon was trained in a western country, could speak the language of the patient, and if the procedures could yield them overall savings.

According to Patients Beyond Borders,’ about 11 million patients all over the world leave their home countries for medical care, and this number is believed to be growing. They estimated some 1,200,000 Americans traveled outside of the US for medical care in 2014.

With such massive growth in the industry, many countries in Southeast Asia have been inspired to provide top-notch medical services at pocket-friendly prices. To accommodate and meet the rising demand of international travelers for plastic surgery procedures, the government of Malaysia developed a national council specifically for medical tourism. Its sole purpose is to make sure health care is up to western standards. Penang, Malaysia is increasingly becoming more attractive as a place to get medical attention. In fact, the medical tourism program in Malaysia has been bringing in around 800,000 people a year.

George Town, Penang is a UNESCO World Heritage site so exploring the town is like taking a step back into history.  Its diversity in culture has made it a renowned foodie destination as well. If you are looking for white sand beaches, they are abundant. A few of Malaysia’s islands; Tioman Island, Layang Island, Perhentian Island and Langkawi, have even made it to the list of ‘Top Beaches to Visit in the World’ according to a CNN survey.

The quality of medical care, coupled with affordable costs is attracting more people to Malaysia for plastic or cosmetic surgery. Even more than other popular Asian medical treatment destinations, such as Thailand. According to International Living Magazine, Malaysia is one of the top 4 destinations for medical tourism in 2016. Besides VIP treatment and western trained surgeons, when it comes to recuperating, the natural beauty, heavenly beaches and popular resorts in Malaysia are just what the doctor ordered.

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