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Comparison between Medical Tourism in Malaysia and Thailand


Medical tourism is a vast industry that is growing tremendously every year. In July 2014, it was estimated that the industry was worth nearly USD$55 billion, with more than 11 million tourists crossing international borders to seek medical care. Medical services that most travelers consider having abroad are hip or knee replacement, cardiac surgeries, and cosmetic and dental surgeries.

As a result of the country’s highly skilled doctors and low prices, Malaysia received more than 875,000 medical tourists in 2014, which is a 129% increase since 2009. The majority of patients are from around Asia, however, many of the foreign patients seeking treatment are from as close as Singapore and Indonesia and as far as Europe and the United States. English is more widely spoken in Malaysia than Thailand, and offers tourists a wide array of cultural, culinary and vacation options, as well as a peaceful environment in which to recuperate.

Medical tourism in Malaysia began to receive attention from the Malaysian government in the wake of the Asian Economic crisis. It was seen as a tool for economic diversification in the medical care and tourism industries. In 1998, the National Committee for the Promotion of Medical and Health Tourism (NCPMHT) was established by the Ministry of Health. While in 2009, the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) was established in place of the NCPMHT to function as the major agency to enhance and improve the country’s medical tourism industry and to position Malaysia as a health-care focus in the Southeast Asian/ASEAN region.

Like other nations in Asia, Malaysia realized that healthcare tourism would diversify its economy in the Asian economic zone. The Medical Travel Quality Alliance ranked Prince Court Medical Center, Kuala Lumpur, as the number one medical service provider for those referred to as “patients without borders.” Malaysian institutions provide services including in-vitro fertilization at around one-fifth of the cost at western facilities. Malaysian hospitals also provide total health assessments (including a physical examination, an electrocardiogram, a chest X-ray, cancer markers, and at least 43 different blood tests) which would cost thousands of dollars in the United States for just a few hundred dollars.

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Plastic Surgery in Malaysia, an Alternative to Thailand

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