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Face LiftThe main reason for choosing this operation technically known as ‘rhytidectomy’ is that it is the most effective way of reducing the loose skin that has developed on your face over the years. This is as a result of dietary habits, hereditary factors, the pull of gravity, personal habits like smoking and sun exposure. This procedure removes excess fat, tightens underlying muscles and repositions facial and neck skin. Worldwide every year, hundreds of thousands of people undergo successful facelift surgery and are pleased with the results.

The Procedure
A facelift surgery is rather complex and can take anywhere from two to six hours depending on the procedure. Often the preferred method of anesthesia is light sleep anesthesia, and other medications are administered intravenously to induce a profound state of relaxation and sleep during the operation. Additional drugs are administered to produce numbing of the surgical area, resulting in almost no recovery necessary from the anesthetics themselves, (unlike general anesthesia) which can produce nausea after surgery. This method also carries less risk of complications. Please note, general anesthesia can be used if preferred.

Regardless of the style of facelift you undergo, you will have incisions that involve the skin around your ear. The incision line typically runs along the hairline and within the natural contours in front of and behind the ears. The skin is then pulled back, and the incision is closed.

Traditional facelift: This procedure is done by the surgeon making incisions in your hairline at the temples, continuing down and around the front of your ears and hidden in the natural creases behind your ears in your lower hair-bearing scalp.

Limited-incision facelift: Your surgeon makes short incisions in your hairline, starting at your temples and continuing down and around the front of your ears, hidden in the natural creases. In addition, there may also be incisions in the lower eyelids, temporal area, or under the upper lip.

Neck lift: The surgeon will make incisions starting in front of your earlobes and continuing around behind your ears into your lower scalp. Additionally, there will also be a small incision underneath your chin.

Possible Complications
All surgery carries risk. Fortunately, significant complications from facelift surgery are rare. This surgery remains as the best solution for facial rejuvenation and is usually performed without any major problems.

Risks and possible complications of surgery should be discussed during your consultation. It is important to be 100% honest with your surgeon about your health conditions and your habits, especially if you smoke. The risks in most surgeries are similar. Some of the potential complications of all surgeries are adverse reaction to anesthesia, hematoma (an accumulation of blood or fluid under the skin that may require removal), infection, changes in sensation, scarring, allergic reactions and possible damage to underlying structures.

You can help minimize certain risks by following the advice and instructions of your plastic surgeon, both before and after your facelift surgery.

Most Patients can return to work within two weeks. Patients typically wait three to four weeks after surgery to begin light exercise. The scars will be hidden and will fade over time.

Note: Your individual concerns and particular medical history will need to be shared and discussed with your surgeon during your initial consultation. While the information provided above is meant to be educational, it is not meant to be conclusive or comprehensive. Please take the time to do extensive research on the procedure(s) you are considering and the risks associated with those treatments. My Secret Fountain of Youth Limited is a medical tourism facilitator and supplies this general information to its prospective clients on behalf of the hospitals, surgeons, and dentists that we feature. This website and the information it provides shall not be construed as offers to provide medical advice. No information provided on this website should be interpreted as My Secret Fountain of Youth Limited or its personnel offering or providing medical advice or recommendations.

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