Nose Job

Nose JobRhinoplasty, which is typically referred to as a ‘nose job’ procedure reshapes your nose, remove bumps, improve angles, reducing or increasing its size, narrowing nostril openings, altering the shape of the tip or bridge, altering the angle between the upper lip and the nose, or any combination of the above.

The Procedure
Rhinoplasty is typically performed as an outpatient surgery, under local anesthesia with sedation or under general anesthesia. The surgery usually takes between one to two hours. Typically, the surgeon will begin by separating the skin from the underlying framework of the nose to manipulate the bone and cartilage to the desired shape and size, by either making an incision inside the nostrils or across the columella (the vertical strip of tissue separating the nostrils). The latter technique is known as ‘open rhinoplasty’. Once sculpted, the skin is ‘redraped’ and a splint supports the new shape.

Possible Complications
As with any plastic surgery, rhinoplasty carries some risk. Possible complications may include: hematoma (localized swelling, caused by accumulation of blood, requiring removal), infection, nosebleeds, reaction to the anesthesia, small scars at the base of the nose (typically present when the ‘open’ technique is used or when the nostrils are narrowed), and visible bursting of the blood vessels on skin’s surface.

Most Patients can return to work within one to two days. Patients typically wait two to three weeks after surgery to begin light exercise.

Side Effects
Possible side effects can include temporary discomfort, bruising around eyes and nose, possible bleeding and stuffiness.

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