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We know it can be daunting to travel to an unfamiliar destination, so it is important that you feel comfortable from the time you arrive at the Penang International Airport until the time you leave as a new person. You are our top priority. When you travel to Malaysia, you will be greeted at the airport by your very own Personal Concierge. This Concierge is a person who will help guide and support you during your entire time in Penang. They will take you to all of your appointments and consultations, be there for your procedures and continue to visit you while recovering. This is not an added option. This is a service that we provide to ensure you have a friend on the ground, walking you through every step of the process. Our Personal Concierge will be there to help you navigate through any uncharted territory that you may experience. They will be there to help you make sure that you get the results you’ve always dreamed about.

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