Regenerative Medicine


Restore your youth with your own cells
There are several hospitals and clinics in Penang that have the technology to harvest medically your cells painlessly from the blood circulating in your body and process it in a Class-100 Clean Room environment. Your cells can then be re-injected back in a sterile hospital environment. There are several new uses for regenerative medicine within plastic surgery such as PRP, fat grafting and facelifts. For additional information about this cutting edge technology email us and set up an initial phone consultation.

Note: Your individual concerns and particular medical history will need to be shared and discussed with your surgeon during your initial consultation. While the information provided above is meant to be educational, it is not meant to be conclusive or comprehensive. Please take the time to do extensive research on the procedure(s) you are considering and the risks associated with those treatments. My Secret Fountain of Youth Limited is a medical tourism facilitator and supplies this general information to its prospective clients on behalf of the hospitals, surgeons and dentists that we feature. This website and the information it provides shall not be construed as offers to provide medical advice. No information provided on this website should be interpreted as My Secret Fountain of Youth Limited or its personnel offering or providing medical advice or recommendations.

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