The Benefits of Medical Tourism in Malaysia


Traveling abroad for medical care is quickly becoming a trend, especially for those in the Western world where treatment may be excellent, but the prices exorbitant.   There are many other places around the world which have the same standard of care that western countries offer but at a fraction of the cost. It’s not just quality medical treatment that makes people look outside their country, but it’s also for a vacation as well. What could be better than combining a relaxing holiday with a little self-improvement?

According to Wikipedia, Malaysia reportedly received 882,000 foreign visitors for medical treatment in 2014. This number represents a nearly 38% increase from 2011 figures. These statistics were provided by the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC). They tally the reported numbers of all foreign patients treated in hospitals. All hospital visitors must present a valid passport before treatment, so this data should have a minimal margin of error.

Why Medical Tourism in Malaysia?

Without a doubt, the Malaysian government’s investment in medical tourism has created an extremely high standard that has been recognized internationally. In the past, Thailand was the preferred destination for many medical tourists. However, the tide has changed, and now places like Penang and Kuala Lumpur are quickly becoming an alternative medical hub offering various procedures from tummy tucks to complete dental care. Breast augmentation in Malaysia is becoming a craze and it is currently one of the most requested surgeries among medical tourists. The best hospitals are providing top-notch quality care with VIP treatment, and it is getting the attention of people around the world. This fact became even more evident in April of 2015 when Malaysia was chosen as Destination of the Year at the Medical Travel Awards by The International Medical Travel Journal.

It is obvious why Malaysia was given this prestigious award given the following considerations:

Ease of Communication:

Language typically acts as a barrier in places like Thailand or India, but it is not a problem in Malaysia. Britain ruled until 1957, so almost the entire country speaks English fluently. Therefore, it is unnecessary to incur the extra cost of hiring an interpreter when having any medical procedure. Additionally, by not having to speak through a third party, patients feel more secure that their doctors understand what their concerns and needs are for treatment.

High-Quality Care at Affordable Prices:

Many of the hospitals are accredited, just as they are in Australia, America, and Europe. The high standards that are being enforced by the government mean that the patient always gets the best care possible at international quality levels. Medical tourism in Malaysia is very affordable because the cost of living is lower across the board. Many expats living there don’t even have insurance; they just pay out of pocket for any procedures. Since last year, Malaysia has experienced a devaluation of its currency, the Ringgit, by as much as 20%, which makes prices even more reasonable for all tourists who visit.

Holiday Advantages:

The beauty of traveling to Malaysia for surgery is that it offers visitors an array of different places to visit with affordable, yet luxurious, hotel accommodations. Patients can have the surgery in Penang, where the hospitals and surgeons are some of the best in Malaysia, and stay for a holiday. There you can visit a deserted beach, a lush, rainforest-filled, National Park, dine on world famous cuisine, shop until you drop, or even wander through a UNESCO heritage city, all while never leaving the island. Or you can stay at your 5-star deluxe hotel and laze about by the pool. You can have it all in Penang, top-notch treatment and an incredible holiday all for pennies on the dollar.

Ease of Access from Most Countries:

Most patients visiting Malaysia for medical treatment are allowed to travel easily under the countries Visa on arrival program. It entitles visitors to a three month Visa upon entrance into the country. If extensive work is required, patients may be granted an extension of up to 6 months with a letter from the medical center where treatment is being provided. Please check with us about Visa requirements before booking travel.

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