The MSFOY Process

The 4 step MSFOY process:

We recognize that traveling to another country for surgery can be nerve-racking. We want to take the worry out of it for you, so our goal is to make the entire experience, from start to finish, an easy and stress-free one.

Step 1: Get Informed
Do your independent research on the surgery you are considering. An informed decision is the best one. Contact us via email, Skype, telephone, or through the website, to discuss your needs and wants. At this time, we will go over all of your details and explore which surgeon is the best for your desired procedures.

Step 2: Complete the provided questionnaire
Once you fill out the initial questionnaire and any requested additional forms, we will provide them to the doctors for them to review and if they see something that concerns them or needs further clarification they will correspond with you through us. We will then get you scheduled for your initial consultation here in Penang. After your one-on-one consult in Penang, we will be able to give you a final estimate for the surgery. Typically, there is not a major variation in the price unless there are new concerns or if you elect to have additional procedures.

Step 3: Travel Confirmation
We will discuss your available dates and then confirm with your surgeon so you can book your flight to Penang. After your flights have been booked, we will go over hotel options and decide which one is best for you.

At this time, a deposit equal to the cost of your land package plus a coordination fee is required and can be paid through PayPal or bank transfer.* Your final payment is due directly to the hospital after your personal consultation but before surgery.

Step 4: Pack and relax
Your MSFOY Personal Concierge will be waiting for you at the airport when you get to Penang. Not only will they pick you up from the airport, they will take you to the hotel, all doctor’s consultations, walk you through the registration process and even be there for your surgery. After you have been given clearance by your surgeon, and you’d like to explore or travel, we can assist you.

* If you ultimately change your mind about having the work completed or cancel the trip, your money will be refunded minus a processing fee of $375 USD. The Land Package refund is based on the hotel’s policy.

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