My Secret Fountain of Youth offers two travel options for Medical Tourism in Malaysia; group or individual travel. Penang, Malaysia is a great place to recuperate from your procedures and is a peaceful and welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Take your pick, travel solo and be discreet or travel as a group and have fun with your friends. The choice is yours.

Travel Options

Group Travel
TravelIt is always more fun to have a group of your friends around, especially when doing something that can be, so life changing. Should you wish to bring a few of your closest friends for a group makeover getaway, we can arrange that.  How great would it be to have them there for support and also for a little beautification of their own?

If you are not comfortable traveling by yourself, or you would rather just have one good friend join you, we encourage it. Treatment is not required of your traveling companion. They can simply be there for support, not to mention the exotic vacation. There will be no additional charge for their accommodation as the package is based on double occupancy. We believe that having a good friend with you while recovering will make the time fly by and help you heal faster.

Solo Travel
Many people choose to travel alone for their procedures abroad. However, you will not have to go through the process by yourself. Your MSFOY Personal Concierge will be there every step of the way, and so will the entire team. Your satisfaction is imperative to us, and you will get specialized care tailored just for your needs.


A Little about Penang

TravelPenang is a tropical island located just off the coast from mainland Malaysia and is a former British colony, home to many foreign expats. Penang is a great place to recuperate from your procedures and is a peaceful and welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You can find everything from beaches and shopping to great food and a vibrant multi-ethnic culture. Georgetown, the island’s capital, is a Unesco World Heritage City, so there is no shortage of cultural and historical sites to visit. You can walk through the jungle or laze about on a secluded beach. Take a food tour and a cooking class or even drive a few hours to visit an Orangutan shelter.  Whatever you feel like doing, we have the local experience and knowledge to professionally assist and manage all the arrangements.

Penang’s beaches run the gamut from popular and touristy to completely secluded and uninhabited. If you feel like lounging on the beach and watching the parasailers fly by then Batu Ferringhi beach is perfect. Stay for a cocktail and watch the tropical sunset or as soon as it gets dark, you can hit the famous night market to shop for gifts for friends, family or yourself.

If you want some privacy, you can choose from almost any other beach on the island. Some you can walk forever and never see another person. Others are small, hidden, jewels that you stumble upon by accident. You can get a quick ride on a boat towards the National Park and find both Monkey and Turtle Beaches. Aptly named because upon arrival monkeys come down to greet you and in season turtles lay their eggs on the shore.

Arches_PenangGeorgetown is a bustling, colorful Unesco World Heritage City, which is fascinating to walk through. It’s well preserved, colonial buildings and Chinese clan houses are living testaments to what life was like centuries ago. You can still feel its multi-cultural heritage as you wander through Chinese and Indian temples and smell incense burning throughout the streets. Christian churches and Islamic mosques provide an even greater contrast to the vitality of Georgetown. Getting lost in its maze of narrow streets and alleyways makes you feel like you are in another world, one that existed long ago.

At night, the city comes alive with restaurants, food stalls and hawker centers. Lonely Planet deemed Penang as the top foodie destination for 2014, so you will not go hungry. Often, the best food in Malaysia is not found in restaurants but at the thousands of food stalls that serve one signature dish – often a recipe passed down through generations.

Some of the most interesting attractions throughout Georgetown are the various forms of street art.  Some are large painted murals on crumbling walls while others are humorous wrought iron depictions of life and landmarks in Penang.  With over 35 different wall art displays, you can easily spend a day on one of Penang’s famous trishaws, or enjoy a walking tour through town to discover it all.

Georgetown may be a small city, but it has a large variety of local bars, nightclubs, karaoke lounges, and pubs for whatever suits your mood.

TravelIf shopping is your thing, you will love Penang. Second to eating, shopping is an island pastime. There are modern shopping malls, traditional night markets, antique shops and local crafts available to purchase. There are many malls on the island, but some of the best are on Gurney Drive along the extensive waterfront area. Gurney Plaza is a nine-story mall that has over 380 stores including high-end brands such as Coach, Chanel, and M.A.C.

Gurney Paragon Mall, just a short walk away from Gurney Plaza, is the latest addition to the shopping scene. The entire mall was built around St. Joseph’s Novitiate (a chapel built in 1925 that was restored and incorporated into the mall’s interior layout). Paragon Mall offers trendy shops such as H&M, Michale Kors, and Sephora, as well as an IMAX theater.

If the above malls do not satisfy your shopping cravings, then take a 25-minute drive to Queensbay Mall. There you can browse in a 2.5 million square foot mall, the largest shopping center on Penang Island with over 500 stores including international brands like Mango, Quicksilver, and Gap.


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